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Welfare Benefit Reforms     What are the changes?


Under occupancy              Tenants will receive a reduction of housing benefit if they are under –occupying’"

 "The Bedroom Tax"                     Tenants will lose 14% of their rent for one extra bedroom

                                                25% of their rent for two extra bedrooms


The Benefit Cap             The maximum amount of benefit that can be claimed

                                               £500 for couples (with or without children)

                                               £500 for single parents

                                               £350 for single people


Universal Credit             6 Benefits will become Universal Credit

                                               Tax Credits,

                                               Child Tax Credits,

                                               Job Seekers Allowance,

                                               Employment Support Allowance,

                                               Employment Support Allowance (support group)

                                               Incapacity Benefit

                                                All claimants will receive calendar monthly payments,
                                                Housing Benefit phased out and the rent will be included in the Universal Credit Payment and paid direct to the tenant


Personal Independent Payment

                                               Has replaced Disability Living Allowance

Council Tax Support                  

                                         A reduction in Council Tax Support, tenants will have pay 8.5% of their total bill

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