Housing and Welfare Advice Limited
Making a positive difference to peoples lives

Legislation changes- How will the changes affect you?

How we can help?

We provide holistic advice and support to deal with any financial issues that affect any tenancy.
Our Promise

· We provide all clients with a named case worker

· All clients will be interviewed by polite and courteous staff

· We will advise you in a clear and easy to understand language

· We will monitor decisions to ensure they are fairly applied

· We will advise you on what benefits you may be entitled to

We provide advice and assistance with the following benefits

· Personal Independence Payment

·  Attendance Allowance

· Carers Allowance

·   Universal Credit            

·   Employment Support Allowance (Work Related Activity Group)

· Employment Support Allowance (Support Group)

· Job Seekers Allowance

· Tax Credits

· Housing Benefit

· Council Tax Support

· Under Occupancy (Discretionary Housing Payments)

Where necessary we provide;

· Tribunal Representation

· We can ensure any appeals are made within any time   constraints

· We assist clients with reconsiderations or supersession

· We can assist in collating supporting documentation

· We will provide personal representation at appeals service tribunals



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