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The service we provide....

Whilst most of the problems being faced by a vast majority revolve around housing or finance issues, other factors which regularly needs consideration are listed below;

  • Ability to gain a good work/life balance
  • Employment Options
  • Education options for children
  • Finances - tax, bank accounts, pensions, insurances
  • Familiarity and convenience
  • Provision/Availability of key services such as hospitals
  • Safety & Security
  • Property purchase - rent or buying
  • Property maintenance
  • Proximity to loved ones
  • Community involvement
  • Impact to family pets

How we can help you....

We can assist you to find suitable accommodation in an area where you want to live.

We can help you find a home in either the private sector or help you find social housing (A large number of councils no longer own property in the UK).

We can help arrange a seamless transfer of benefits.

We can help you register for medical services.

We can help you select the appropriate level of home care needs via an independent provider.

We can either provide financial advice ourselves or sign post you to another to an appropriate provider.

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