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Notices and Evictions

The tenant eviction process and court eviction process can be a stressful time for landlords. There are many reasons why a landlord may want to evict a tenant. These can include a failure to pay rent, damaging the property, causing a nuisance or breaching any other aspects of the tenancy agreement. For any of these, issuing a s21 or s8 will be the first step to towards getting your property back.

The changes being introduced by the welfare reforms will create a higher risk of rent arrears as a result of payments being made directly to tenants. When tenants are unable to pay their rent, the landlord’s investment automatically becomes threatened. Given the current economic situation, not only is the loss of income a hard situation to deal with, the landlord is also left to handle a very stressful process of getting the tenant out of the property.


What we do

As specialists in tenant eviction we rely on our vast knowledge of the legislation as well as our history of dealing with similar cases and can boast of a successful outcome at the end of your case.  

We have a variety of tailor made services that best suits your need and pocket. We are aware that in such situation, your greatest desire will be to reduce your expenses and re-coup what has been lost, this is why we offer one of the most affordable and competitive price you can ever find. Simply instruct on how much you want us to handle and we will give you a quote that promises to be unbeatable.


What to do now

Do you need to evict your tenant for any of the above reasons or you simply want your property back for personal reasons? You can rely on us to arrange, organise and implement the eviction process and possession order on your behalf.

Is your tenant 2 months or more in arrears with rent?

Does your tenant constantly delay rent payment?

Is your tenant causing neighbourhood nuisance and in breach of their tenancy agreement?

Do you simply need your property vacated?


Whatever category you fall into, we can deal with the situation for you at our unbeatable rate.

Some of our fees include-

  • Cost of serving a valid section 21/ section 8- £50
  • Cost of evicting a tenant through court representation and obtaining a court order- £350
  • Cost of final eviction with a bailiffs warrant- £150


Call or contact us immediately with details of the tenancy and your reason for eviction, you can then sit back and relax knowing you are in safe hands.


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