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The Perfect Storm?

The Welfare Reforms are going to create challenging times for both landlords and their tenants.

The changes to Welfare Benefits, at the same time that funding has been reduced to council services and other support agencies, has been described as the perfect storm.

Specialist advice will reduce the impact these changes will undoubtedly have on rent collection. As well as protecting income streams, our specialist advice can help a business reduce the cost and time constraints associated with evictions.

As the proposed changes come into force, they are going to change the way rent is collected, especially once benefit payments begin to be paid directly into a tenant’s bank account. Whilst we believe that a sustainable tenancy will provide security for both a landlord and their tenants. There are many reasons why a landlord may need to evict a tenant. These can include a failure to pay rent, damaging the property, causing a nuisance or breaching any other aspects of the tenancy agreement

Who are we?

We are a small established independent company, who provide an additional level of support to landlords and their tenants.

 Our benefit specialists can help minimise the impact these changes can have on your rent collection.

We provide an extra resource that landlords and their tenants can use to maintain a sustainable tenancy or when necessary we can expedite the eviction process, our website page Notices and Evictions gives a fuller explanation.

Under-Occupancy, the Benefit Cap, Council Tax Support and Universal Credit are amongst the benefit changes that will impact on rent collection. Using our experience and expertise we can maximise a tenant’s income and often reduce their outgoings.

Our specialist advisers provide tenants with assistance ranging from; initial benefit claims, to tribunal representation. Our proactive approach can ensure sustainable tenancies and help to protect rental income streams.

As Directors of Housing and Welfare Advice we look forward to the opportunity of discussing the impact the benefit changes will undoubtedly have on private or social housing.





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